Physics has such nice equations and universal laws. Could we ever expect the same for biology?

January 2023

Should we give (Mendel's) peas a chance? Nah, we've moved on.

November 2022

"Physics is the most fundamental and all-inclusive of the sciences." Or is it?

October 2022

Scientific animations can mislead us.

September 2022

Is Life Just Clockwork?

July 2022

Pro-life advocates often make the claim: "Science proves that life begins at conception." But how much truth is there really behind this argument? Click…

May 2022

NASA might have found life on Mars in the 70s. But what do we really mean by ‘life’? Biologists have actually been trying to define life for over two…

March 2022

The dangers of the Adaptationist Fallacy is a cautionary tale known well by biologists, but I feel like it hasn't distilled down well to the general…

February 2022

“What am I?” is one of the oldest questions in philosophy but we may have been asking the wrong question this whole time. Rather than thinking of…